Alice Phoebe Lou with Sari Jordan
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September 16, 2023
DOORS: 8:00 pm
SHOW: 9:00 pm
Tickets : $17.00
Alice Phoebe Lou’s fifth album ‘Shelter’ is about “forgiving the world and forgiving yourself” in order to create a place of safety. After starting her career busking as a teenager, Alice has slowly learnt to follow her own instincts and write without fear of judgement. At times, ‘Shelter’ feels like a purge while other moments across the lush record capture a second coming-of-age. “I continually strive to show people the beauty of being vulnerable and feeling all their feelings,” she explains. Still fiercely and successfully independent, Alice Phoebe Lou hopes young people “can be inspired by the fact you can do things unconventionally,” with ‘Shelter’ a defiant soundtrack in choosing your own happiness.