Sunrot with Big Garden and The World Is A Vampire
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August 10, 2023
DOORS: 8:00 pm
SHOW: 9:00 pm
Tickets : $15.00
"It's not just that Sunrot sounds different, or that they radiate joy whenever they play, or that the band is predominantly made up of people who operate outside the straight white cis male spectrum. That's all part of their allure, but really, the fact that this band has more goddamn heart than anyone else is what truly sets them apart. While it's true that the scales have tipped towards black metal, death metal, and gothier pursuits over the past few years, doom metal and its various slimy subgenres still have a firm foothold in our toxic soil, though our sludge reserves have dipped perilously low in recent memory. Sunrot treads heavily at the crux between multiple ugly, noisy genres; their sludgy, industrial clamor borrows liberally from harsh noise and hateful drone, but makes plenty of space for riffs—lumbering, distorted things that pound away at your eardrums like storm waves on a vanishing coastline—and vocalist Lex's emotional, pushed-to-the-edge howls." -Kim Kelly for Vice