Meltt with Skeptic Moon
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October 24, 2023
DOORS: 8:00 pm
SHOW: 9:00 pm
Tickets : $15.00

Formed in Vancouver, Meltt is an alternative psych-rock band featuring Chris Smith  (lead vocals, guitar, bass, keys), Jamie Turner (drums, percussion), James Porter  (guitar, keys, vocals), and Ian Winkler (guitar). The band molds buzzing shoegaze  guitars, otherworldly keys, and evocative vocals into a widescreen psychedelic  projection of three-dimensional emotion. Following 2017’s Visions EP, the group’s multi 

faceted approach crystallized on their full-length debut, Swim Slowly, in 2019. Among  many highlights, “Love Again” tallied over 8 million Spotify streams as “On Your Own”  and “Deeper Water” each cracked the 1 million-mark. Throughout the global pandemic,  the four musicians wrote and recorded what would become Another Quiet Sunday in  sessions with co-producer Kieran Wagstaff. Eventually, they spent a month in a remote  cabin together where they feverishly wrote and shored up the foundation of the EP. After  reeling in millions of streams and captivating audiences on the road, the group are  ready to share their 2023 Nettwerk Music Group debut EP, Another Quiet Sunday.